Postpartum Depression

Having a newborn is always a beautiful thing. The joys of seeing your baby smile or be happy is fulfilling but sometimes it’s not always a bed of roses.

After having my daughter, I find myself being sleep deprived, easily angered and extremely emotional. These are all symptoms of postpartum depression. It’s overwhelming and an adjustment to motherhood. The ups moments will always outweigh the down but it’s forgotten.

I believe having a great support system will help you battle with this type of depression. I am still dealing with it and my daughter is 3 months old.

My daughter is a blessing in my life but I have my days where I need a break to breathe and even get some sleep but not having the extra help makes it extremely difficult. There are days when I have a mental breakdown and just don’t want to get out of bed. As mothers we have to put on our big girl panties and try to do it all. This is where our multi-tasking talents strengthens.

We are nursing our baby while cooking and cleaning when we should be recovering from childbirth. We as women are put to a higher standard than men. We are expected to get everything done and with such great expectations when we fall short are made to feel less than a woman or not a great mother.

I encourage each new mother to try your best, take it easy and accept all the help that you can. I will try to make time for myself so that I can be in a great mindset to nurture my daughter. Go for a walk, take a nap, get a haircut or off to the spa. After all, a healthy mommy means healthy baby..

You are specially made by God to give life to the world..

Have a great day

Apprentice Mama


“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.” Maya Angelou

Imagine you are away for vacation and have no idea you are pregnant. This is the beginning of my story.

My family and i traveled to Fort Lauderdale in June 2018 for a short vacation. It was on the anniversary of the loss of my first baby which wasn’t the greatest time for me. 5 years had past since my miscarriage and it still affected me to this day, so having another baby was far from my mind. The trip was great but i began to feel fatigue, nauseous and just figured i was catching the flu, all this time i was pregnant and didn’t even know. How hilarious was that !!!!

On July 16, 2018, we found out that i was 11 weeks pregnant with my second baby. I was experiencing some pregnancy symptoms, headaches were the usual for me, being fatigue from working all day was the norm, but increased sense of smells and constant nausea should have been my first clues but i was in denial. My workmates were the ones who said “i think you’re pregnant” , the look on my face was like who are you talking to laughing to myself.

One evening the cramps began and there was slight bleeding, i figured my period was coming as it was couple months late which was the norm because of my irregular periods. My boyfriend and i decided let us go and check it out. This was one nerve wrecking doctor’s appointment but we got the best news ever, we were having a baby. Immediately i was nervous,the questions began is this baby going to make it??, should announce it to my family??,, what am i supposed to do?? the fear began.

As i was already into my second trimester , my pregnancy went along smoothly, our family was hesitant at the beginning when we announced our pregnancy but they came around eventually.My doctor visits were always nerve-wrecking but after hearing my baby’s heartbeat the fear went away. We decided to have our baby moon back to Fort Lauderdale seeing that it would be the last time we would be traveling as just boyfriend and girlfriend, we would be mommy and daddy.

Traveling pregnant was easier than i thought it would be, after all trying to be comfortable for our 3hr 45mins plane ride was the worst part. Luckily, where ever we went people were very pleasant and welcoming. We got so many congratulatory wishes and advice from a lot of people it was amazing. Sometimes fatigue would hit but the upside was stuffing my face every minute with a variety of foods to choose from. We enjoyed our vacation together, we didn’t even want to return home.. Best trip ever!!!

The waiting game in the third and final trimester was excruciating and it seemed like it took a lifetime to come. The days leading up to my due date January 29th, 2019 was driving me insane. I was thrilled about having our baby due in January as we would have the same birth month. I could hardly wait to see what my baby looked like and whether it was a boy or girl, as we decided to keep it a surprise. While waiting on our bundle of joy to arrive, my boyfriend planned a surprised baby shower on December 8th, it was truly amazing and also emotional to be showered by our family and friends. Also my birthday/maternity shoot was on January 4th 2019. With my due date drawing near and no labor symptoms, i was determined to help bring this baby into the world before January ended.I started walking,squatting and any other exercise that would help induce my labor. Unfortunately, this didn’t work whatsoever as baby decided i was not ready to arrive. After giving up all hope of having a January born baby,the pains began on the 31st..

Stay Tuned to see what unfolds

Technology in our day to day living

JG Technology Blog

Here I’ll be talking about old, new and emerging technology and how they effect us in a world where technology controls everything you can think of.

In this fast paste world, where after every couple of months new technology becomes old and emerging concepts becomes new.

Take a look at a computer processor or even better a smart phone. With every passing year new concept phones are show case to the public, and within a couple months those same phones are available to the market.

We would be taking a look into these exciting technologies as the weeks go by and how they effect us in our everyday life.

One form of technology we all depend on.

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